Hope For The Honey Bee

Hope For The Honey Bee By Catherine Garvin

Goddess Bee Young Forager

How to Grow a Year-Round Bee Garden in 10 Easy Steps

Does the current honeybee (Apis Mellifera) Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) cause you to experience sleepless nights filled with fear and worry? Do you wonder what will happen when all the bees are gone?

Put those powerful thoughts and concerns into motion with a practical action plan. Let’s create a year-round Bee garden in 10 easy steps.  Why? Because when you create a garden for bees, you will feel the excitement, experience confidence and turn powerful emotions, like worry, fear or just curious musings into a meaningful day-to-day practice.

The results will manifest as life-long pleasures pure as honey gold.  Invite beauty in colorful visual forms, sensual smells, tastes, and gain true wisdom from daily adventures into your garden. Do you yearn to know how it feels to be empowered with confidence and true knowledge?

Allow the warrior within to hero a worthy cause and make a meaningful difference in the world. Bees live in a balanced environment, a life sustaining wild habitat with certain natural occurring elements like (Nectar, populus and pollen bearing) trees, flowers and plants, and water. Take the first step practice the ancient wisdom and basic principles of balance, and bliss.

Okay, why a year-round Bee garden? Bees are ‘At risk’ year-round. How can I grow a year-round Bee garden I live in an apartment? A year-round Bee garden can be grown anywhere: Urban settings, suburban landscapes, in the forest and/or grow a bee garden on your organic farm.

This unconventional book invites mystery and excitement, glamour and originality into your world through the eyes of a bee. Connect to a special and unique point of view, see life in a new and beautiful way, call forth inner harmony and joy: Follow the way of bee.

Now, let’s get started… Click this link to buy the book Hope for the Honey Bee By Catherine Garvin. Thank you and Many blessings.


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