Who is Catherine Garvin?

Hi, I’m Catherine and welcome to my Bee Baseline Portland Project blog (Click Amazon.com Author page.)

Bee Baseline Portland Project began in October 2011 when I read and heard horror stories, watched videos, and movies detailing the very sad news about mass die off of the honeybee and dire situation surrounding this very important topic. Upset is hardly the word for the sorrow, worry and grief I was experiencing, I couldn’t stop crying for days, weeks, yes, months.

All of my emotional pain surrounding the honeybee topic was overwhelming. Yes, I was challenged and from that challenge came a discovery. I discovered the courage deep inside myself to overcome my fear and to embark on a new adventure. What do you think happened next?

During the dark, rainy days of winter 2012, I studied to become a beekeeper and an apiologist. What is an apiologist? A person who studies apiology the science of honeybees.

As I listened and learned about the wonderful, amazing, and mysterious ways of honeybees, my passion to know more became a quest, a quest for the holy grail of hope for the honeybee. Yes, I became so inspired with a heart on fire for honeybees, my fears and tears were transformed into something ridiculously awesome, can you guess?

Truthfully, awesome and amazing hardly describe how I really feel right now. The honeybees did not disappoint when what was revealed to me the most important aspect of honeybee survival. Yes, it’s like seeing for the first time, hearing a beautiful song, smelling and tasting sweet nectar, it’s like I feel brand new.

Emotionally healed by fact-based honeybee wisdom, my heart is flooded daily with the well-spring of joy, happiness and clarity about a glorious future. Sounds pretty good, right?

From this real place of understanding, I am able to shed light on the false information circulating global news sources and social media. Inspired and hopeful, everyday I take action to create endeavors that foster year-round gardens for honeybees, and humans.

My greatest desire now is to spend my time cultivating respect, appreciation and dignity for the full life cycle of the honeybee, and their habitat. Hence, my  Bee Baseline Portland Project is ongoing and growing. What is BBPP and how I need your help?

BBPP is a research project and the data I collected, and collect on honeybees by mapping the urban setting of Portland for year-round nectar bearing, pollen, propolis trees, shrubs and flowers. The fact-based information resulted in my writing and publishing, “Hope for the Honey Bee: How to Grow a Year-Round Bee Garden in 10 Easy Steps.” Why Portland? Well, I was born here. In fact, I’m a fifth generation Portlander. What does that really mean?

Simply, it’s my invitation to you to join me in the fun, so let’s get started.

I recommend read “Hope For The Honeybee, How To Grow A Year-Round Bee Garden,” buy here because it’s all about year-round honeybee gardens that include flowers, shrubs, trees and water for bees.

What’s happening right now?

  • “Best Plants On The Planet For Year-Round Honeybee Habitats,” buy now click herebee book number three “Trees For Honeybees,” and bee book number four “The Cliff Hanging Honeybees of Nepal, India and South East Asia,” are on the way.

Thank you, thank you, with all my heart thank you and many blessings, Catherine Ann Garvin


1 thought on “Who is Catherine Garvin?”

  1. Hello Catherine: Thank you for keeping up with the best, bee practices for the benefit of the bees and humanity, and for sharing them!!

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