Best Plants For Honeybee Habitats



Welcome to the world of the honeybee. I am so glad you’re here. Thank you for stopping by my blog to check out my new book, “Best Plants On The Planet For Apis Mellifera,” thank you, thank you. Buy this book now by clicking on this link. 

Are you curious about how to create year-round habitats for honeybees? Do you want to know what to plant and how to build a safe space for honeybees to live out a healthy full life cycle?

In this book of 144 pages, 120 full color photos and 8732 words, I’ve stated in an easy to read, simple and clear way, what’s required to save honeybees.

Most of all, I give precise examples of what trees, shrubs and flowers honeybees love. Yes, each and everyone of us has so much to offer the world, whether you’re a commercial or backyard beekeeper, eco-landscape designer, a master or novice gardener, and someone who just cares a lot about honeybees. Wondering how to take a positive risk for change and help the honeybee? Let’s, get started.

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How to best make use of my books? Use my books as a guide to inspire a self-directed adventure to view the world through the eyes of a honeybee. Why is this important? Right outside your doorstep, whether you are a city-dweller or living in a rural area, is the beauty of exploring and identifying  trees, shrubs, and flowers that are life forces generating amazing feel good experiences. Seize the day to experience the power of mapping out what is important to grow for healthy honeybees, then plant to create your own personal honeybee habitat, let’s get started now. Remember I am here to help. Leave a comment, I really enjoy hearing from you.

Thank you, thank you with all my heart thank you and many honeybee blessings, Catherine Ann Garvin